Licensing of the tutorials

All How-to site documentation is under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Creative Commons License

We think that knowledge should be shared and, because of that, we've decided to make all the documents at Disroot Howto available to be used by others and improved or adapted to their needs.
We also think that the documentation we write on this page about how to use our services might be useful for other Free and Open Source Software service providers and/or individuals that use the same software and/or share the same ethicals choices as Disroot.

By using a Creative Commons license we make it publicly clear that all documentation (how-to's) published at are free to adapt, improve, distribute and/or share the adaptations.

Therefore, we ask to all those people that wish to contribute with a new tutorial to our How-to page, that accept to release it under the Creative Commons License BY-SA.

The Creative Commons BY-SA, allows anyone to modify and share a tutorial freely as long as the publishing conditions are in accordance with the following:

  • Recognition of adaptation and references to the original work and/or author.
  • Share the modified version with the same license (BY-SA), allowing others to share and modify the work too.

You can read more about Copyleft concept here.

And more about the Creative Commons licenses here.