Thunderbird is a powerful open-source email client, calendar and RSS-Feed manager.

Install Thunderbird

If you don't have it installed yet, got to and choose your language and Operating System.

NOTE: For GNU/Linux users we recommend using your distribution package manager to get the latest and updatable version of Thunderbird.

Open Thunderbird

If it's the first time you run it, you will be directly greeted with account setup and you can skip directly to step 3.
If you're using Thunderbird already and have some accounts setup, just select "New Account" icon in the root view.

Fill in your account information

  • Your name: Name that will be displayed in the "From" field
  • Email address: your_username @
  • Password: your_super_secret_password
  • Remember Password?: If you want Thunderbird to remember your password and not prompt you for it every time you start the client, then select it.
  • Click "Continue" button once you're done and verified everything is correct.

Thunderbird now should auto-detect the needed settings like this:

Done! \o/