Here you can forward your emails to another email address.

  1. Choose between Send copy to or Redirect to and indicate the email to forward to.
  2. Status: set it to on or off, depending you want to activate the forwarding or desactivate it.
  3. Save.


Issue with switch from Rainloop to Roundcube

Users that set a forwarding email in Rainloop will have an issue with Roundcube. To fix it:

Filters access

  1. Go to Disroot webmail
  2. Navigate to Settings, then Filters.
  3. You should see rainloop.user. That is a set of filters set from Rainloop. You should also see different filters (like in #1 or #2 in the screencapture). If you click on those filters you'll see that they're a bit messed up. So the simpliest is to remove those and recreate them from Roundcube!

Filters removal To remove this rainloop.user set of filters:

  1. Right click on rainloop.user set of filters.
  2. Choose Delete filter set and confirm that you want to delete this.

You can now add a new forwarding as explained previously.