What is a client?

In the context of computing and Information Technologies (IT), a "client" is a software program or a computer that interacts with and uses resources of another computer that is called "server".

In the guides on this site, we will use the term to refer to the first one, the software.

With a client, we can access some of the Disroot Cloud main features (such as email, calendars, contacts, files, tasks, etc) directly from our computer or mobile device.

Since there are many, we will try to cover mainly those that are Free and Open Source software and, in our opinion, are the most complete.

Of course, if we use one that is not in these Howtos and we consider that it should be, we can collaborate with the community by writting one ourselves (see the How to Contribute section).

Nextcloud Clients

Desktop clients and Integration

1. Multiplatform Nextcloud clients (GNU/Linux · Microsoft Windows · Apple macOS)

2. Desktop integration

Desktop integration refers to graphical environments that have built-in support for online services. These allow us to very simply set up our Nextcloud account and use a set of native applications seamlessly. To learn how to integrate the Disroot cloud with our desktop, we can follow any of the tutorials below.

Mobile clients

Android clients

iOS clients