Email on SailfishOS

Setting up your Disroot mail on SailfishOS is very easy. Just follow those simple steps. (it took longer to make those fancy screenshots :P )

  1. Open up Settings app

  2. Go all the way to the bottom (Sailfish2.0) to Accounts tab

  3. Select General email

  1. Fill in your disroot email address and password and swipe "Accept".

  1. Server settings.

    • Incoming mail server:
    • Edit username and remove the domain leaving only the username
    • Add server address:
    • Enable SSL connection

  • Outgoing mail server:
    • Server address:
    • Secure connection: StartTLS
    • Port: 587
    • Authentication required

  1. Swipe "Accept"

  2. Edit details such as description and "Your name", and swipe "Accept"

You're done! \o/