Roundcube Migration FAQ

Where can I learn more about Roundcube?

We have a Roundcube howto that you can find here.

Will I need to use different login credentials to access my email?

No, your Disroot credentials will be the same as always.

Will I need to reconfigure my phone or desktop mail client?

No, this migration shouldn't affect your phone or email client setup.

How will I access Roundcube?

In the same way that you usually access webmail.

What will happen to my emails and contacts?

All your emails and contacts will be automatically transferred into Roundcube. Anyway, we strongly suggest you to backup your contacts. In this guide you can find how to do it.

Can I switch back to the previous webmail?

No, you cannot.

My contacts did not migrate, what should I do?

First of all, don't panic. If your contacts did not migrate, please contact us and we fix it.

Finally, if you notice anything unusual, have questions or suggestions, please contact us at support