Discourse, the forum software used by Disroot, allows you to export the text content of all your posts to a .csv file, (a simple text file which is supported by most calc/spreadsheet software).

To export your posts from Discourse:

  • Login in the Forum

  • Press your user avatar on the upper right corner of the screen

  • Press the button with your username

  • Press the Download All button

  • A pop-up windows will appear asking if you want to download your posts and then press OK

  • The system will start processing your data and send you a notification when it is ready to download.

  • You will get a message from the system notifying you that the data is ready to be downloaded, and providing you a link to download the .csv file with a copy of your posts. If you have enabled notifications via email, you will also get an email with this information.

  • Press the link to download the file.

  • The link will be available for 48h, after that it will expire and you will have to export your data again.

  • Once you extract the file you can open it in your spreadsheet program.

NOTE: The data can only be downloaded once every 24h