Moving Contacts from Google account To Disroot account

(This tutorial is based on cyanogenmod 12.1 minor changes will be applicable for other roms.)

  • Open contacts app
  • Select Import/Export from menu on top right
  • Select Export to storage and select contacts to export. (There is select all in options). This will create a VCF file of contacts on phone storage)
  • From same Import/Export dialog, select Import from storage
  • Select DAVdroid account from the Create account dialog. This will add contacts from the exported VCF file. (You can also import exported VCF directly to owncloud through browser)

Setting Disroot account as deafult and primary account for contacts

  • Goto Contacts =>Contacts to display=>select Davdroid
  • This sets disroot to deafault account for saving new contacts

If you skip this step remember to select DAVdroid instead of Google account or local phone every time you save a new contact

Stopping Google Sync for contacts

  • Go to Application Manager -> All
  • Google Contacts Sync -> Clear Data -> OK -> Disable -> OK
  • This will disable google contacts sync till its enabled again