How to start really quick?

  1. Log in using your Disroot credential (use the Disroot email, not just the username)
  2. Then, you have to create a channel. Indeed, you're not really an user on Hubzilla: you're a channel, or even several channels (a person, an organization, a theme, etc). That means that when you first log in with your Disroot account, you have to create a channel. To create my channel
  3. You will have to choose a role for your channel, that means a set of permissions. Social - Mostly public is the most typical one you may want to choose. To know more about roles and permissions
  4. When your new channel is created, you will have to create a profile for this channel. You can give as much informations about it as you want. Or as little as you want! You may even create different profiles for a same channel! To know more about profiles

You're done!

Now, you can create post:

To know how...

Or you can add friends (called connections in Hubzilla) that you can follow:

To know how...

You can also find a great tutorial to start with right here on hubzilla...