Upload: Lufi

Lufi is an open-source online software to upload and share files in a secure and private way with other people, as an alternative to services such as wetransfer.

Lufi works in a zero knowledge logic.

Meaning the files are encrypted before they leave your computer, so that your Internet Service Provider and "the administrator of Disroot" can't see the file's content. The administrator can only see the file's name, its size and its mimetype (what kind of file it is: video, text, etc).

You "don't need to register yourself to upload files".

Amongst other things you can use it to:

  • Store (temporarily) files online, download them, share them with other people
  • Send someone files that will delete themselves from the server after the first download

In this tutorial we'll see how to use it. You can access Uploads/Lufi at upload.disroot.org

Lufi is not a cloud service (files are only stored online for a certain time, after that they are deleted). For cloud services you have your cloud provided by Disroot.

It's different from PrivateBin. Pastebin can only share text, while Lufi can be used to share and download any type of file.