Photo album

What is it used for?

Photo album is a tool that allows to create albums of pictures that you want to share with others.

How to see a photo album?

Click on the hamburger menu, and choose Photos.


Then, the default page is this one: Photo_view

  • On the main page, you see your most Recent Photos.
  • On the bottom left, you can see Photo Albums: it is list of your albums.
  • In this Photo Albums list, you can see that there are three folders that are automatically created:
    • Recent Photos
    • 2018-05: when you add a photo in a post, it is automatically added in a folder that is created using the year and month at the time of the post.
    • Profile photos: when you add a photo into your profile, it is automatically added in this folder.

How to add photos?


Click on the album you want to add photo into and click on Add Photos.

There are a few options:

  • Enter an album name: it is automatically the name of the folder you're into. But you can change it and choose to create a new folder.
  • Title (optional): photo's name
  • Create a status post for this upload: that means that a post will be created on your channel with this photo.
    • Description (optional): it will be added into the post that goes with your photo.
  • Locker: to set the permissions, meaning who will be able to see your photo.

Click on Upload to choose a photo.

How to edit a photo?

If you click on a photo, you then have access to the Photo tools.


There are a few options:

  • Use as a profile photo
  • Use as cover photo
  • Edit photo

Click on Edit photo.

Photo_edit You can change its name (Title), add a tag in order to find it easier, move it to another album, rotate it, etc.

It is also there that you can Delete it.

How to create an album?

Aa explained above, when you add a photo, you can choose in what folder you want to save it into. But in Enter an album name, if you choose the name of a folder that doesn't exist, it will be created.

How to change the default folder name for posts?


Go in your Channel settings. There, you can change Default photo upload folder to whatever you want. Don't forget to save.