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This howto was last updated on April, 2019 and it refers to:
Nextcloud: version 15

NOTE:If the howto refers to an older software version than the provided by Disroot,or the one you're using in your device, there could be missing features or small parts of the information that may have changed.
Disroot's how-to documentation is a community driven procces. We try to keep it as updated as we can.

Nextcloud is Disroot's core service and the main user interface we try to integrate with most of the apps we offer. In this howto we would like to go through the basics of the interface, explaining the main UI (User interface) concept, as well as some basic actions on files and personal settings.

What is Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is a free and open source software that allows you to upload and storage files on a server (it could be a server of your own), syncing them with different devices to which you can safely access from anywhere via internet. In addition, Nextcloud provides some interesting and useful features like calendars, contacts and bookmarks synchronization, call/video conference and news feeder.


Introduction to Nextcloud

Desktop clients

  • Clients and desktop integration

Mobile clients