DAVx⁵ / OpenTasks

Disroot has Calendar, Contacts and Tasks apps enabled.

In this tutorial we'll see how to setup and use them on your Android device.

To do this you will need to install the DAVx⁵ and Open Tasks apps.

For Open Tasks to work it will need DAVx⁵ to also be installed, but if you just want to sync your calendar or contacts you don't need to install Open Tasks.

Install DAVx⁵

From appstore

DAVx⁵ is available on most app stores. We encourage you to use F-Droid.

From Nextcloud App

If you have Nextcloud mobile app installed and linked to your Disroot cloud you can install it from there:

  • Open Nextcloud Android App
  • Got to settings > "Sync calendar and contacts"

Nextcloud App will now fetch, install and configure your account automagically.

Add your Disroot account to DAVx⁵

If you haven't install DAVx⁵ via Nextcloud App you will have to manually setup an account. To get started open-up DAVx⁵ app and press the "plus" (+) button.

Select "Login with url and username", and fill in with server address and credentials

 Server address: https://cloud.disroot.org
 Username: your Disroot username
 Password: your Disroot password

After you setup your account, you need to select which calendars and addressbooks you want to sync from Disroot to your Android device. Press the big orange button with the account name.


Now your Calendars fromDisroot will be synced to your device and will appear in your Calendar app of choice. Any event added on the phone will be automatically synced to Disroot and vice versa.

After that, the calendars in your Disroot account that you selected will be synced and visible in your Android device calendar.


Your Contacts should be straight away available and synced with Disroot.

NOTE: If you want to migrate your Android contacts to your Disroot contacts and stop syncing with Google, then follow this tutorial.


Open Tasks is available in F-Droid and other commercial app stores.

If you have already followed previous steps and your DAVx⁵ account is setup and syncing your calendars from Disroot cloud, all the tasks should be available the moment you install and open "Open Tasks" app. All Tasks are assigned to each calendar. Tapping the name of the calendar will reveal the tasks.

Open Tasks is easy to use. You can create additional tasks, group them together, add tags, set due dates and notifications, assign priority levels etc. All changes will be automatically synced back to the cloud. The main page of the app gives you an overview of all current tasks, grouped by:

  • Tasks list
  • Tasks due
  • Tasks starting
  • Task priority
  • Task in progress